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New article on reporting side effects of supplements
Just published in The New England Journal of Medicine: A recent article brings up dietary supplement issues you need to be aware of and discusses how dietary supplement side effects could be monitored better. A PDF of the April 3rd article is available free online.

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Coconut water: What’s all the hype?

published: 08-06-2012 Journal entry icon

Coconut water, a potassium-rich liquid found in young green coconuts, has become a popular hydrating alternate for some active individuals. Some active individuals choose coconut drinks over other sports beverages because it is natural and contains electrolytes and minerals such as sodium, chloride, glucose, and potassium. Although natural coconut water is a fine option for active individuals to stay hydrated, the sodium content of coconut water is low, so some scientists argue that individuals who participate in vigorous exercise should consider sports drinks, which have been formulated to replenish sodium lost during extended and/or vigorous physical activity. If you exercise vigorously for more than an hour, the ACSM recommends fluids or salty snacks that contain a bit more sodium (20-50 mEq/L or ~460-1,150 mg/L) to help you replenish sodium lost during strenuous exercise.

Operation Supplement Safety (OPSS) is about to launch this summer and will answer many of your questions about Dietary Supplements. Watch for HPRC’s announcement coming soon.