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Family Nutrition

General nutrition guidelines for the families of Warfighters.

Mom and kids making saladLearn how to make healthy choices about nutrition and physical fitness with information you and your family can instantly apply. You'll find tips on how to help those around you – your parents, children, spouse, and friends – build and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Health-related habits are often established in the family. The family influences how children and youth become involved in healthy and unhealthy behaviors [2-6]. Additionally, in intimate relationships, the nutrition and physical activities of one member of the couple tends to impact the behavior and body weight of the other [7-8].

Nutrition and physical fitness are very much family affairs.

For Warfighter-specific nutrition and dietary supplement information, visit the Nutrition and Dietary Supplements sections on the HPRC website, and for Warfighter-specific physical fitness information, visit the Physical Fitness section. For more information on overcoming unhealthy behaviors such as substance abuse, and fostering healthy ones, visit HPRC’s Mind Tactics section.

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