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Honoring those who made Independence Day possible

published: 07-02-2014 Journal entry icon

Whatever else you have planned for the 4th of July, take a moment to reflect on what this celebration signifies and what we owe to our nation’s service members past and present for making and keeping this national holiday special.

Did you know some of our services are even older than our country? The U.S. Army was established on 14 June 1775, more than a year before our official separation from Great Britain. The U.S. Navy dates to just four months later, on 13 October 1775, with the Marine Corps created as part of the Navy on 10 November the same year.

Although the declaration that established the nation was still a year off, the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia acted to organize and fund the amateur troops that had formed in New England, making General George Washington the first commander-in-chief of the Continental Army on 3 July 1775.

The Navy originated in a similar fashion, through an act of the Continental Congress. Just two armed ships made up the initial fleet, which grew to roughly 20 active warships during the Revolutionary War. Two battalions of Marines were called for shortly after the fleet was initiated.

And so as you celebrate this national holiday, take a moment to remember those Warfighters who helped establish our country as well as those who have helped maintain it through more than 238 Independence Days. And thank those who are still doing so today!