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G4G Mission

What you eat matters, especially if you want to perform your best. Go for Green® (G4G) is a DoD program that helps service members choose nutritious foods and beverages to optimize performance, readiness, and health. Learn more about how G4G can help you improve your well-being. 

Why G4G

Go for Green® is an evidence-based nutrition program developed from scientific research conducted by civilian and military communities. The following documents and slide decks provide more details about why G4G works.

G4G Background 102915 [JPG]

Background Paper [PDF]

The G4G Background Paper explains why G4G works—highlighting its newest features and graphics.

Why It Works: Research Behind G4G [PDF]

Interested in learning more about the science behind G4G? Why It Works: Research Behind G4G details research conducted in civilian and military settings and the evidence for program components of G4G.

Leadership Brief (Coming soon)

Use these customizable slide decks to inform leaders about G4G 2015. Each brief discusses program benefits and provides a snapshot of the evidence-based research behind G4G:

  • Slide Deck #1 Title (00:10)
  • Slide Deck #2 Title (00:30)

G4G Program Details

Go for Green® requires the support of dining facility staff and leadership. Learn more about what goes into making G4G’s success:

Program Requirements [PDF]

Coming in February 2016

Implementation Guide [PDF]

Coming in February 2016


Use the following materials to promote Go for Green® at your installation.

G4G Graphics

G4G Logo JPG

Logo [EPS, PNG, or PDF]

Go for Green®  updated logo.

G4G Three Symbols

G4G Symbols

Go for Green®  updated symbols including the Green checkmark, Yellow caution, and Red stoplight.

Green Check [PNG] [EPS] [PDF]

Yellow Caution [PNG] [EPS] [PDF]

Red Stop [PNG] [EPS] [PDF]


G4G Documents for Press and Leaders

G4G Guide 101515 [JPG]

G4G Guide [PDF]

Quick guide categorizes foods and beverages into Green, Yellow, or Red based on nutrient quality, and Low, Moderate, or High based on sodium content.

G4G Background Paper [JPG]

Background Paper [PDF]

Detailed program information geared to leaders.

Why it Works: Research Behind G4G [PDF]

In-depth look at the evidence supporting Go for Green® including previous military interventions using G4G.

Program Requirements [PDF] (Coming soon.)

Mandatory program requirements for implementing Go for Green®  at your dining facility/galley.

Press Release [PDF] (Coming soon.)

Customizable press release for your installation’s Public Affairs Office. 

G4G Talking Points [JPG]

Talking Points [PDF]

Summarized Go for Green® facts for use with articles and other publications.

Marketing Materials for Installation, please check back!

Permanent Marketing Material for DFACs/Galleys

These permanent marketing materials should be present year-round.

G4G Brochure Cover [JPG]

Getting to Know Go for Green®  Brochure [PDF]

Program overview and benefits geared to service members.

G4G Traffic Light Poster [JPG]

Poster #1 – Traffic Light [PDF]

Describes the Go for Green® stoplight labeling system which categorizes foods and beverages into Green, Yellow, or Red.

G4G Food Card Poster [JPG]

Poster #2 – Food Cards [PDF]

Explains the Food Card components (food name, Go for Green®  Color Code, and Sodium Code).

G4G Sodium Poster [JPG]

Poster #3 – Sodium [PDF]

Describes the Go for Green®  sodium codes and appropriate conditions for consuming high-, moderate-, or low-sodium foods.

Rotating Posters for DFACs/Galleys

Set A: Brand Recognition: Message set introduces the rebranded Go for Green® .

G4G Poster Food Plate JPG

Poster A1: Food Plate [PDF]

Demonstrates how to build a healthy plate of Green-, Yellow-, and Red-coded foods.

G4G Poster Coach JPG

Poster A2: Coach [PDF]

Reminds service members that Go for Green®  “figures out nutrition, so you don’t have to.”

G4G Three Stripes Poster JPG

Poster A3: G4G Guide [PDF]

Details how to build a healthy plate of Green-, Yellow-, and Red-coded foods.

Set B: What You Eat Matters: Message set discusses how good nutrition helps service members perform well in all aspects of their lives.

G4G Poster Running Man JPG

Poster B1: Running Man Infographic [PDF]

Describes how nutrition affects service members’ minds and bodies.

G4G Poster Family Montage JPG

Poster B2: Family Montage [PDF]

Encourages service members to “set a good example” for their children and families by eating well.

G4G Poster Parent Kid JPG

Poster B3: Parent and Child [PDF]

Encourages service members to “set a good example” for their children by eating well.

G4G Self Jogging Be Your Best Self JPG

Poster B4: Best Self [PDF]

Encourages service members to “be your best self” by choosing healthy foods.

G4G Buddies Poster JPG

Poster B5: Buddies [PDF]

Encourages service members to “set a good example” for their fellow service members by eating well.

Set C: Eat Outside the Box: Message set encourages service members to challenge their taste buds by trying new foods.

G4G Sandwich Poster JPG

Poster C1: Sandwich Infographic [PDF]

Breaks down the components of a healthy and delicious sandwich.

G4G Salad Poster JPG

Poster C2: Build A Better Salad [PDF]

Encourages service members to change their opinions about salad.

G4G French Fries Poster JPG

Poster C3: French Fries [PDF]

Encourages service members to “think outside the (French fries) box.”

G4G Substitutions Poster JPG

Poster C4: Healthy Substitutions [PDF]

Suggests healthy substitutions for a typical fast food meal.

G4G Vegetables Enemy Poster JPG

Poster C5: Enemy Vegetables [PDF] 

Encourages service members to rethink “the enemy.”

Table Tents

Table tents to accompany each set of rotating posters.


Table Tent A [PDF]

Table tent version of the Traffic Light poster.

Table Tent B [PDF]

Explains how following Go for Green®  guidelines and choosing nutritious foods can improve service members’ lives.

G4G Table Tent C JPG

Table Tent C [PDF]

Suggests quick and healthful foods to satisfy snack cravings.

Social Media Messages/Images

This section provides social media message samples and accompanying images for posting to your dining facility or installation account.

 G4G Social Media JPG

Set A: Brand Recognition

Facebook/Twitter Posts (40 posts)

G4G Logo

Nutrition for Performance


Traffic Light

Set B: What You Eat Matters

Facebook/Twitter Posts (40)

Graphics (4)

G4G Logo

Performance Nutrition

Set a Good Example

Get Ahead

Set C: Eat Outside the Box

Facebook/Twitter Posts (47 posts)

Graphics (5)

G4G Logo

Get Ahead

What Are You So Afraid Of

Layer With Flavor

Eating Healthy