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Cardiovascular Fitness

The need for speed workouts
Looking to improve your 2-mile time or set a new 5K personal record (PR)? Learn how to train smarter and faster.
PFT/PRT training series—Part 1: Cardiovascular fitness
Learn how to boost your cardiovascular fitness before your next PFT/PRT.
Rebuilding Cardiovascular Fitness
Aerobic fitness is important for optimal performance. If you’re just getting back into a cardio routine or even starting a new one, use these tips to get in shape safely and efficiently.
Overtraining—what happens when you do too much
Overtraining syndrome (OTS) is what can occur if you push your training regime too far. Signs of OTS are chronic fatigue and declining performance despite continued training. Recuperation can take weeks or even months.
Running for fitness
Running is great form of aerobic exercise that, if done properly, is a safe and inexpensive means of training. However, each individual is different, so it’s important to create a tailored training program with a clear goal in mind to prevent injuries. Following basic guidelines can reduce your risk of injury and improve your fitness.
Find your Target Heart Rate
Tracking your heart rate is a great way to keep track of your exercise intensity.