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Studies look to see if mouthpiece boosts athletic performance

published: 11-09-2010


According to researchers at The Citadel, wearing a small plastic mouthpiece during exercise could boost athletic performance. The military college has been studying the mouthpiece's affect on different aspects of performance since 2004.

They want to know not only if it works, but how it works. In an article from The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC), one of the aspects researchers are studying is the mouthpiece's affect on levels of the hormone cortisol - which is associated with stress. Cortisol increases when people exercise.

When a person wears the mouthpiece, cortisol levels seem to drop back to a normal level more quickly. The studies currently under way are looking at how the mouthpiece affects performance, resistance-training, flexibility and pistol shooting accuracy.

Click below to access the article.

Citadel puts research where mouth is