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Questions from the Field

Articles researched and written by HPRC on topics you asked about.

Pills imgThese articles are researched and written by HPRC staff to answer questions about dietary supplements. Making an informed decision about supplement use can be difficult, and a bad decision could adversely affect health.

Creatine supplements
Can creatine help you perform better?
The buzz on caffeinated gum
Can caffeinated gum improve performance in Warfighters?
Dietary supplements and women’s health
How does military training and pregnancy affect women’s nutritional status and need for supplements?
Chilling out with relaxation drinks?
Relaxation drinks seem like an appealing way to relieve stress, but some are not as harmless as they appear.
Phenphedrine is marketed as a weight-loss product. Where can I go to get information about this dietary supplement?
The side effects of Apidexin
Some of the notable side effects of the ingredients in Apidexin are headaches, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, raised blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, loose stools, diarrhea, belching, bloating, hiccups, and skin reactions. No data are available for the combination of ingredients.
Is whey protein the way to go?
Whey protein is often referred to as the “king of proteins.” But are whey protein supplements the best option for muscle growth and recovery?