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OPSS: Operation Supplement Safety

You could be putting yourself at risk every day in a way that might surprise you—by using dietary supplements. Some dietary supplements, including ones sold on military installations, may contain problematic and potentially harmful ingredients. “OPSS: Operation Supplement Safety” is a joint initiative between the Human Performance Resource Center and the DoD to educate warrior athletes and consumers about the risks associated with dietary supplement use and how to choose supplements wisely.
OPSS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
The top frequently asked questions about dietary supplements.
Tools for Warfighters
Downloadable documents, videos, and apps to help you make informed decisions about dietary supplement use.
Tools for Providers
Materials for healthcare professionals to use to educate themselves and Warfighters, stay informed of developments in dietary supplement safety, and report adverse events associated with dietary supplements.
OPSS High-Risk Supplement List
Dietary Supplement Alerts and Announcements