OPSS Campaign Press Kit

The Operation Supplement Safety (OPSS) campaign allows service members and retirees, their families, healthcare providers, and DoD civilians to get the scoop on dietary supplements.

On the tabs below you will find an overview and background on the campaign, campaign materials, and suggested activities for local installations.

For printed and other promotional materials, check out the tabs below or visit the "Tools for Warfighters" section and click on the "Print Materials" tab. Or, contact OPSS at the email address below.

For more information, send us an email at supplements@usuhs.edu. To schedule an interview with someone from the campaign, please call the Uniformed Services University Health Services Public Affairs Office at 301-295-3578 or send an email to sharon.willis@usuhs.edu.

An overview of the OPSS campaign can downloaded here [PDF].

An overview of OPSS in a presentation format that you may freely use can be downloaded here [PDF].

Advertising Materials

Help promote the OPSS dietary supplements education for the military campaign with these print materials and giveaways for use at your installation and in your publications.

OPSS Energy Drinks Poster, 11.75x15.875 [PDF]

Click the link to the above to download a high-resolution PDF (large files require time to download, or order from the Health Information Products e-Catalog.

OPSS Energy Drinks Poster Thumbnail

OPSS Display Banner, 3'x6'

Display the OPSS message in your gym, dining facility, or other large space. Order from HPRC by sending an email to hprc@usuhs.edu for shipping.

OPSS Banner [JPG]

Ripped or Ripped Off Poster, 11x17 [PDF]

Click the link above to download a high-resolution PDF (large files require time to download), or order from the order from the Health Information Products e-Catalog.

Ripped or Ripped Off? OPSS Poster

Ripped or Ripped Off Table Displays:
  • Tray Mat
  • Table Tent

Tray Mat: Order from the 
Health Information Products e-Catalog.

Table Tent: Order from the 
Health Information Products e-Catalog.

OPSS Table tent and tray mat

OPSS Adverse Events Poster, 11.75x15.875

Click the link to the left to download a high-resolution PDF (large files require time to download), or order from the Health Information Products e-Catalog.

OPSS AE Poster Thumbnail

OPSS Sticker

Order from the Health Information Products e-Catalog.

OPSS Sticker


Order from the Health Information Products e-Catalog.


Brochures and Handouts

OPSS Campaign Background and Overview [PDF] A one-page infosheet with an introduction to the OPSS Campaign.

OPSS Nutrition: Fueled for Fitness Brochure, 3.75x8.5 [PDF]

Click the link above to download a high-resolution PDF or order from the Health Information Products e-catalog.

OPSS Nutrition Brochure thumbnail
Red Flags—What You Need to Know [PDF] A two-page infosheet with a checklist of clues to potentially harmful dietary supplement products, along with a list of substances to watch out for.
Dietary Supplement Education for Warfighters [PDF] An extensive overview of dietary supplements, associated risks, and resources—from a slide presentation available in the Tools for Providers section of OPSS.
Dietary Supplements Containing DMAA [PDF] A frequently updated infosheet with names of dietary supplement products containing DMAA currently on the market—as well as ones recently removed from the market.
Stimulants Found in Dietary Supplements [PDF]

HPRC prepared this list to help you determine whether dietary supplements contain stimulant ingredients, which can have potentially harmful effects.

Reporting Adverse Events Associated with Dietary Supplement Use [PDF] This one-page infosheet has information about how to report adverse reactions to dietary supplements—reporting is essential to help the FDA and the Warfighter community identify products and ingredients that are harmful.
Dietary Supplements and Drug Testing [PDF] Information about what to do if you think a dietary supplement might cause a problem with military drug testing.


Service Member Athlete Video PSAs. Videos will automatically download when you click on the links. Be prepared for a lengthy download time for large files. Check back after 100 pushups. Or visit the OPSS Video channel here.

Energy Drinks PSA: The Gym
[31 sec]

Get a real boost by eating healthy.

Energy Drinks PSA: Teens
[31 sec]

Teens need healthy food, not sugar and caffeine.

OPSS PSA: SPC Othella Feroleto
21 MB

33 MB

MP4/3GP; 2 MB
Army SPC Othella Feroleto is training to be an Olympic wrestler. She emphasizes knowing the right way to get fit while being careful to avoid dietary supplements that could threaten her Olympic eligibility.
OPSS PSA: LT Matthew Williams
22 MB

30 MB

MP4/3GP; 2 MB

Airman Matthew Williams is an Olympic trainee in track and field who warns against dietary supplements that provide super-high doses of ingredients, mixtures of ingredients, and unreported ingredients.

OPSS PSA: PFC Julio Saunders
21 MB

30 MB

MP4/3GP; 2 MB

Julio Saunders, Army PFC and Olympic hopeful in the combat sport of Taekwando, shares his training goal to stay “100% fueled and hydrated” without substituting dietary supplements for healthy foods and exercise.


Operation Live Well, a Department of Defense initiative, provides monthly topics of interest to educate the military community about healthy and safe community environments, empowering people, and clinical and community preventive services.

    OPSS in the Community

    • Plan a Kickoff event for your installation. Pick a day in fall/winter of 2012 for your kickoff events – contact HPRC at supplements@usuhs.edu for one of our experts to come speak.
    • Host a Town Hall on Dietary Supplements (consider a virtual town hall). Request your installation’s dietitian and/or physician to be present for answering questions or contact HPRC at supplements@usuhs.edu for someone to come speak.
    • Provide Outreach to family members by hosting a table/demonstration at the local commissary (link to outreach plan) or fitness center facility.
    • Distribute posters for display in installation buildings.
    • Distribute tray mats and table tents at installation dining and AAFES facilities.
    • Additional DoD-wide events organized by the OPSS Campaign Team will be held through August 2012 in support of local kickoff events and activities; they will include:
      • PSAs airing on Armed Forces Network, Pentagon Channel, and others
      • PSAs airing in installation theaters
      • Stand-To articles
      • Email to Healthcare Provider Consultant Groups with links to Supplement Education for distribution to their constituents

    OPSS Apps & Buttons

    NMCD for Healthcare Providers

    NMCD Icon

    OPSS App Icon

    Use your .mil email address to open an account with the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database to access information about more than 86,000 natural medicines. The OPSS & ND app is available at these links for Android and for iPhone/iPad, or go to the Google or iTunes stores and search for “Operation Supplement Safety.

    OPSS QR Code

    OPSS QR Code

    Use our QR code to direct people to right to the OPSS site. Free for use wherever you want to promote Operation Supplement Safety.

    OPSS Campaign Button

    OPSS Button URL

    Use this button on your website to direct your users to OPSS and news about dietary supplements.

    Just add this code to your website to display the OPPS button

    <a href="http://hprc-online.org/dietary-supplements/opss" target="_blank"><img src="http://phc.amedd.army.mil/SiteCollectionImages/OPSS-campaign.jpg" title="OPSS: Operation Supplement Safety" alt="OPSS: Operation Supplement Safety" /></a>