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Deployment is a time of extra stress and adjustment for your family. Planning ahead and knowing what to expect can help families navigate through this time apart. Here are some resources that could help.

For Families
These resources can help family members deal as a group with multiple factors related to the military.
For Couples
Couples in the military have to deal with additional sources of stress. These resources offer ideas for how to enhance your relationship so it can grow stronger despite any obstacle.
For Parents
Getting through deployment can be a daunting task for all involved, but especially for children. These resources are for parents who want to help their children deal with deployment.
For Children and Teens
Children and teens may need extra resources or specific support through deployment phases. These resources are ones that military children and teens can use themselves to help them work through common issues and foster strengths.
For Yourself
It’s not uncommon for spouses of service members to focus all of their energy towards supporting their spouse. It’s important to take time for yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle.