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For Parents

Getting through deployment can be a daunting task for all involved, but especially for children. These resources are for parents who want to help their children deal with deployment.
Guide for Helping Children and Youth Cope with Separation
The Department of Defense compiled this informative guide to help parents (and others) help children and teens deal with deployment-related separations. Information, tips, and resources highlight the effects of deployment (one to 11 months), the initial post-deployment stage (three to six months), post-deployment/reunion tips, and warning signs for adjustment troubles.
Teens & Deployment: What to Expect and How to Help
This section of the Real Warriors website provides information about what to expect from your teen, with tips to help you cope during and after deployment.
Helping Children Cope with Deployments and Reunions
The Defense Centers of Excellence has tips for helping your child cope with a parent’s deployment and tips for helping parents cope as well.
Taking Care of You—Taking Care of Your Children
Check out the RealWarriors campaign that provides tips and Q&As for parents and caregivers to help children cope with a parent’s deployment, including symptoms to watch for that show a child’s distress.
Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes
Talk, Listen, Connect offers strategies and resources parents can use to help their young children cope with deployment, homecoming, and the changes needed to establish a "new normal." It provides age-appropriate examples for helping children cope with the transition of deployment.
Courage to Care for Me: Tips for Caring for Your Newborn and Yourself
From the Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS), this brochure includes what military parents should expect with a newborn, tips for helping you and your baby settle in together, important health conditions you should be aware of as a parent, and tips for remembering to take care of yourself.