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Returning Home/Reintegration

It’s essential to optimize family relationships after deployment when Warfighters return home and need to reintegrate into the family. 

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For Couples
For Parents
For Families
For Service Members

For Couples

Tips for Spouses of Returning Service Members
The Real Warriors website provides tips for what to expect upon reuniting with your Warfighter. The reunion process can be stressful, so these are some ways to smooth it out, including how to communicate with one another.

Duty to Country and Family
Need your family to be more supportive of your role as a service member? Learn how to get on the same page with your loved ones.

How to Create a Shared Sense of Purpose After Deployment
AfterDeployment suggests couples take these 4 steps to created a shared sense of purpose after a combat deployment.

For Parents

Honoring our Babies and Toddlers
Zero To Three (National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families) offers three guides on how to support young children affected by military deployment, injury, or death. The guides describe situations a family and their baby/toddler may experience and ways to help children cope. It also points out signs for when a parent should seek additional support. 

10 Things Military Teens Want You to Know
The National Military Family Association created this 18-page booklet describing 10 key areas that influence military youth, highlighting each with quotes, pertinent information, and resources for more information.

Teens & Deployment: What to Expect and How to Help
This section of the Real Warriors website provides information about what to expect from your teen, with suggestions to help your teen after a parent returns from deployment.

Parenting for Service Members and Veterans
This website offers a free online parenting course that covers topics such as reintegrating into the family, positive parent-child communication and discipline, and managing stress and emotions. 

For Families

A Guide for Families of Military Members
This guide helps family members understand readjustment during homecoming. 

Families and Friends
A comprehensive e-book, this resource discusses many aspects of returning home from a deployment including detailed aspects of improving relationships with friends and community and managing relationship problems.

For Service Members

"Coming Home" - A Guide for Service Members Returning from Mobilization/Deployment
This DoD brochure provides tips to help service members transition back to family life, including what to expect from your spouse and children of different ages.

For Single Service Members Coming Home
Check out HPRC’s 10 strategies to help single service members returning from deployment.

Returning Home from the War Zone: A Guide for Military Personnel
This guide covers reactions to trauma, common experiences on the home front, and positive coping skills.

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