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Service-Specific Resources


Fitness, Sports and Deployed Forces Support: Fitness
The Fitness section of the Navy website provides information for active-duty sailors and their families, designed around the NOFFS Training System.


Active Living Resources
The U.S. Army Public Health Command has a website geared to providing physical fitness resources for Warfighters and their families and highlight Army specific resources, wellness programs.

Air Force

At this Air Force website, families can get information on exercise and ideas for activities to do as a family, and you can sign up to receive more information on being fit. You can also choose specific topics or activities or even share activities that work for you and your family with the FitFamily Goal Tracker.

Coast Guard

Health Promotion and Physical Activity
The Coast Guard's website includes a downloadable Health and Fitness Assessment data sheet complete with tables for comparing your scores with general standards as part of the Office of Work-Life Physical Fitness Program.

DoD & Multi-service

Let’s Move!
The First Lady of the United States is vigorously promoting the importance of physical activity at all ages and as a family. This initiative and provides physical fitness, nutrition, and overall health promotion tips and resources for Americans.

Let’s Move Outside
This part of the Let’s Move! program promotes a range of healthy outdoor activities for children and families across the country. This could also help military families, who frequently relocate, find outdoor activities in new areas.