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Rock Solid Relationships

Family relationships are crucial resources for Warfighters. Here are some ways you can strengthen your family relationships.

Relationships have the power to be positive or negative forces in our lives – depending on the quality of the relationship. You'll find information here that you can use to create more positive and supportive relationships, and consequently optimize your health.

Moving in together? Talk finances.
It’s an exciting time when you’re ready to combine households with your significant other. Should you combine finances too? Learn how to start the “money talk.”
What makes an effective apology?
You messed up and now you’re trying to “make it right.” Learn how to apologize.
How TBI affects couples' relationships
A traumatic brain injury not only changes your loved one, it also changes your relationship as a couple.
Performance Strategies: Basic Training for Couples—Communication
HPRC offers a set of strategies you can put to work on improving communication with your “significant other.”
Relationship Optimization
“Human Performance Optimization” refers to the Warfighter’s family, too. Here are some practical ideas about how to enhance your family.
Reframe Your “Thinking Traps” for Peak Performance
Sometimes we interpret things in faulty or unproductive ways—behavior called “thinking traps”—that can significantly affect the ability to maintain healthy and strong relationships. However, HPRC offers these Performance Strategies on how to develop alternate, productive, positive thoughts (“cognitive reframing”) that promote effective communication.
Performance Strategies: Keeping Strong Family Relationships for Military Life
Maintaining strong family relationships can require some new skills or perspectives over time. Learn some relationship skills that are relevant for many families, but especially for the military lifestyle.
Relationships for performance optimization
The Warfighter’s family is a crucial support system, yet military families must face special demands and challenges. HPRC offers suggestions on how to keep these relationships healthy and strong.
HPRC Effective Communication [PDF]
Being able to communicate well is essential for happy relationships. When there is something important that you want to talk about with your loved one, the guidelines on this downloadable card can help.
HPRC Making Decisions [PDF]
Families need to make a lot of decisions and solve a lot of problems together. Sometimes discussions can erupt into fighting rather than progress towards an end result that everyone feels good (enough) about. Check out the guidelines on this downloadable card to improve your chances of getting to a decision or solving a problem.
‘Tis the season: Connect with family
Use these HPRC-approved tips to help keep the “happy” in your holidays and take care of your family and yourself, even when you can’t be together.
Boost communication with “I” statements
This Valentine’s Day, take a deeper look at what it means to use “I” statements when communicating with your loved ones. Learn about the “I” statement basics.
Use assertive communication and be heard
Practice assertive communication in your relationships to express your opinions, convey respect, and be heard.