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Overcoming Conflict

Conflict is common in relationships. Learn how to manage it well in yours.

Anger Management
Anger is a normal feeling. It is also inevitable that being around people you love will at some point make you angry. Figuring out how to manage your anger is important for yourself and your relationships.
Anger Cues and Measuring Anger's handout on anger cues.
Myths About Anger's document on "Myths About Anger"
Stress-Management Training at Home
The same skills that Warfighters learn to manage stress in combat situations can be used to control the body’s stress responses during relationship conflicts. Try using positive thoughts to stay calm the next time you find yourself in an argument.
Conflict Resolution [PDF]
Conflict is inevitable between two people. Therefore, learning how to resolve it successfully is an important skill. created this handout on strategies for resolving conflict that help you communicate better with your loved ones.
Relationship conflict
In all relationships, conflict management is often a key ingredient for success. However, the old belief that the best relationships are those without conflict is being replaced with the understanding that conflict is normal in intimate relationships. And the happiest couples are those who manage conflict without being destructive to each other. For more ideas on how to do this, check out HPRC’s Answer on relationship conflict.
HPRC Effective Communication [PDF]
Being able to communicate well is essential for happy relationships. When there is something important that you want to talk about with your loved one, the guidelines on this downloadable card can help.
HPRC Making Decisions [PDF]
Families need to make a lot of decisions and solve a lot of problems together. Sometimes discussions can erupt into fighting rather than progress towards an end result that everyone feels good (enough) about. Check out the guidelines on this downloadable card to improve your chances of getting to a decision or solving a problem.
Performance Strategies: Five Steps to Managing Anger
Anger’s a normal emotion, but unchecked anger can wreak havoc. Here are some tips for how to manage your anger effectively.