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Tools, Apps, & Videos

These tools, apps, and videos can help you maintain strong relationships.

Marital Satisfaction has an interactive assessment that you can take to assess your relationship and get suggestions for some additional skills to enhance it. They also have an eLibrary for more in-depth information as well as online workshops that give you information about enhancing your intimate relationship – including helpful tips for the military lifestyle.
Active Constructing Responding [Video]
When having a conversation, most of us forget to let the other person know that we’re listening and understand, which can lead to arguments and/or misunderstandings. Asking questions and showing supportive reactions will help the other person feel understood. This Kansas National Guard video demonstrates four ways to respond, including one that is the best way!
Families & Friendships [Videos] has a collection of short videos in which Warfighters, family members, and friends tell stories about the importance of relationships and how those relationships helped them deal with specific issues.