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About Resilience

Resilience is having the capacity and resources to adapt, withstand, recover, and/or grow successfully in the face of stress, adversity, and changing demands. Learn more about resilience with these resources.

Resilience in a Time of War
This information from the American Psychological Association on forming resilience during wartime includes 10 tips, including how to make connections, maintain a daily routine, plan for emergencies, view yourself positively, and maintain an optimistic viewpoint.
Easing the Transition: Resilience for Homecoming
The American Psychological Association offers these tips for how to be resilient when coming home from deployment. They explain that “normal” is “what works for you” and suggest 10 tips for easing the transition.
U.S. Army R2: Ready and Resilient
These programs from the U.S. Army Medical Department are designed to help soldiers make it through challenges and bounce back from adversity in all phases of the warrior deployment cycle, life cycle, and support system.
U.S. Army R2C: Ready and Resilient Campaign
Comprehensive Soldier & Family Fitness (CSF2) is a holistic program that offers resilience training to enhance the performance and resilience of soldiers, their families, and Army civilians.
Understanding Resilience [PDF] created this handout, which describes resilience and the importance of developing relationships, personal qualities, and skills to build resilience.
Myths and facts about mental toughness
Learn some common myths about mental toughness, and then get the facts to help understand what it’s all about.