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Breathing Exercises for Optimum Performance

[Video transcript:] Welcome to the Human Performance Resource Center video for mind-body skills [with Audrey Schoomaker, a certified mind-body practitioner, nurse, and yoga therapist]. This video [at] will explore three breathing techniques: two that will relax you (Deep Breathing and Alternate Nostril Breathing) and one (Bellows Breath) that will get you pumped up and primed for action. Let’s get started.

Relaxation and Deep Breathing Exercises
When we are stressed in our minds, that stress finds its way into our bodies in many ways. Most notably, our breathing becomes shallow and in the chest, sort of high up, making it impossible to breathe deeper into the belly. It causes diminished endurance and often produces tension in the neck and shoulders. When we reverse this process through slow, deep breathing, we elicit a relaxation response in the body. Tension that was produced in the neck and other parts of the body gets released. We relax. We relieve anxiety from our mind as we clear tension from the body.

A downloadable and printable version of "Breathing Exercises for Optimum Performance" can be found here [PDF].