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Spiritual Fitness

Harness the forces of your spiritual beliefs as a source of resilience to get through stressful times.

“If you truly believe in your personal philosophy or religious faith-if you are committed mind, body, and soul, to your worldview- you may well be capable of achieving remarkable feats of the mind and body…”

–Herbert Benson, M.D. of Harvard Medical School

Organizations & Programs

OSOK Purpose Module
In this One Shot, One Kill (OSOK) Program presentation, discover how you can draw upon supportive factors like your beliefs, values, and spirituality and leverage inner strength for optimal performance. For more OSOK program materials, click here .


Total Force Fitness [PDF] & Comprehensive Soldier Fitness
These leading publications on complete warrior fitness discuss the importance of spiritual fitness in the overall health of the Warfighter. See the spiritual fitness sections of these publications for the leading stances on spiritual fitness.


Spirituality Assessment
Believing in something greater than oneself is a key component of resilience. provides assessments on spirituality and other related attitudes such as forgiveness, optimism, gratitude, generosity, and hope.