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Suicide Prevention

Use these resources to resist self-harm or to help others that may be in danger suicidal thoughts.


Case Study of the U.S. Air Force Suicide Prevention Program [PDF]
Background information on the USAF Suicide Prevention Program.

Army Suicide Prevention Program [PDF]
Suicide prevention and awareness training for the U.S. Army from the American Association of Suicidology and the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Prevention Medicine.

Courage to Care: Suicide Facts [PDF]
Information on what military families should know to help loved ones who may be at risk.

United States Army suicide prevention resource manual [PDF]
A resource manual on suicide prevention for the U.S. Army.

U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy Training Support Package: Suicide Prevention [PDF]
Training on identifying Army resources for suicide prevention.

Navy and Marine Corps Suicide Prevention Training [PDF]
Training to provide awareness and skills in identifying and promoting protective factors.

United States Navy Chaplain Manual for Suicide Prevention
Handbook for suicide prevention and intervention techniques.

DCoE Fact Sheets

Coping After a Suicide [PDF]

Risk and Protective Factors [PDF]

Suicide Prevention and Risk Reduction Committee (SPARRC) [PDF]

Overview of DCoE and DoD Suicide Prevention Efforts [PDF]


Real Warrior's Suicide Prevention Tools for Warriors
FAQs and a list of suicide-prevention tools.

Real Warrior's Suicide Prevention Tools

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline risk assessment tool
A tool on how to handle suicide calls that can be applied to other interactions with someone you suspect might be suicidal.

DCoE 24/7 Outreach Center
24/7 help featuring a hotline, email, or chat.

Suicide Prevention: Commander’s Tool Kit
This toolkit was developed so that leaders can incorporate these resources into existing training or create new training. However, this toolkit is not meant for leaders only—all Soldiers are encouraged to use the materials.