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About Alcohol

This section will help you find resources you can use to better understand alcohol and its impact on performance, plus other helpful resources.

Alcohol and Drugs - Assessment & Workshop has compiled information on their website about alcohol and drugs. You can take an assessment, jump into a workshop, or read a manual on alcohol and drug abuse rates, stress, making healthy choices, and getting help to quit.
Army Substance Abuse Program
The ASAP website provides education and abuse-prevention training on alcohol, with information on how to get help.
Substance Abuse Program (Marine Corps)
The Marine Corps Manpower and Reserve Affairs has a website that includes the prevention and treatment of alcohol abuse. It also includes links to point of contacts for the USMC Substance Abuse programs.
Excessive Alcohol Use (Navy & Marine Corps)
The NMCPHC includes resources on alcohol abuse prevention for Navy and Marine Corps personnel, as well as a brochure, fact sheet, and contact information.
Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention
Navy Personnel Command website describes the Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention program (NADAP; OPNAV 170A) and provides information on alcohol abuse.
Leader’s Guide for Managing Marines in Distress: Alcohol Use
Information on risks, resources, guidance, and prevention tips on alcohol use has been prepared for Marine leadership.