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About Tobacco

This section will help you find resources to better understand tobacco and its impact on performance, plus help you abstain from smoking and other tobacco use.

Quit Tobacco - Make Everyone Proud
“Quit Tobacco - Make Everyone Proud” is a tobacco-cessation educational campaign for U.S. military active-duty, veterans, retirees, and military family members. This program provides information and support to those who are attempting to quit or thinking about it. Resources on this website include a personalized online program, as well as live 24/7 online and phone support.
This national and comprehensive website provides information and free resources for quitting tobacco use.
Smoking & Tobacco Use
The Centers for Disease Control offers resources and tools for individuals and families on how to live tobacco-free. They also provide information about health effects, smokeless tobacco, and second-hand smoke, with factsheets on a variety of topics.
SAMHSA Publications Ordering: Tobacco
Download free documents with a variety of information on tobacco use and abuse, sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
Quit Smoking
Strategies, tips, and resources from the American Heart Association provide more help on how to quit smoking.
Stay Away from Tobacco
This website from the American Cancer Society offers information on how to quit smoking with the help of tips, tools, and calculators.
Tobacco-Free Living (Army)
The Army’s Tobacco Cessation program includes a new provisional online series with trained facilitators, as well as links to DoD/VA/Army policies, guidelines, initiatives, and news. (Requires AKO access.)
Tobacco Free Living (Navy & Marine Corps)
The NMCPHC has assembled a list of resources to help you quit whatever form of tobacco use you may want to kick, along with information about policies, metrics, and patient education handouts.
Tobacco Cessation Program (Coast Guard)
The USCG’s Human Resources website provides online resources to help you stop tobacco use, with links to USCG policy documents and related websites, as well as information on how to contact your Regional Work-Life Staff for personal help.
Quit Tobacco Resource Library
The Quit Tobacco – Make Everyone Proud campaign has a resource library where you can learn more about the negative health effects of tobacco and nicotine, get information on how to beat cravings, and learn how to quit for good.
Tobacco in the military: be a quitter!
Tobacco use in the military is significantly higher than in the general public, and its impact on health is just as severe. Service members who use tobacco are short on physical readiness.