RegenESlim Appetite Control Capsules voluntarily recalled due to the presence of DMAA.

FDA warns consumers about caffeine powder. 

FDA advises consumers to stop using any supplement products labeled as OxyElite Pro or VERSA-1. Please see the following advisories: FDA -10/08/13, FDA - 10/11/13 and CDC - 10/08/13.

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New article on reporting side effects of supplements
Just published in The New England Journal of Medicine: A recent article brings up dietary supplement issues you need to be aware of and discusses how dietary supplement side effects could be monitored better. A PDF of the April 3rd article is available free online.

DMAA list updated for April 2014

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Dietary supplement module
Earn continuing education credits (if eligible) for this two-hour online module.

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HPRC's human performance optimization (HPO) website is for U.S. Warfighters, their families, and those in the field of HPO who support them. The goal is Total Force Fitness: Warfighters optimized to carry out their mission as safely and effectively as possible.

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Learned Strategies

Learn mental strategies to help you achieve peak performances, as well as basic skills for building mental resilience.

Ten Rules of Engagement (ROE)
The Ten Rules of Engagement (ROE) Performance Strategies were created to assist the warrior athlete in the quest to reach optimum performance. It’s important to review these ROEs when developing your own plans for performance optimization to ensure lasting success.
Optimize Your Body's Response
This Performance Strategy is designed to help you control your body’s fight/flight response system, enabling you to maximize your internal resources to accomplish greater physical feats when needed.
OSOK Controlled Response Module [PDF]
This presentation from the One Shot One Kill (OSOK) program— designed to help Warfighters access their internal resources to achieve Human Performance Optimization—shows you how to optimize your body’s response to stress, combat, and life. There are more OSOK program materials in HPRC’s Total Force Fitness domain, including the original PowerPoint slide presentation of this PDF.
OSOK Mind Tactics Module [PDF]
Learn the mental strategies used by elite athletes and Warfighters to optimize performance with this presentation from One Shot, One Kill (OSOK). There are more OSOK program materials in HPRC’s Total Force Fitness domain, including the original PowerPoint slide presentation of this PDF.
Breathing Exercises for Optimum Performance
Deep breathing is a great skill that can help you relax and clear tension from your body. This Performance Strategy can help you learn some basic breathing exercises for relaxation and performance enhancement.
Assertiveness [PDF]
This handout has tips on how to stand up for yourself while respecting others—otherwise known as assertiveness. It also describes how to say no, with ideas for practicing this skill.
Realistic Thinking [PDF] has another handout on a specific resilience-promoting skill: realistic thinking. They relate realistic thinking to a clear lens on the world: If your lens isn’t clear, you could be seeing the world through a distorted lens, which could impact many areas of your life.
Optimism [PDF]
Optimism is a foundational resilience skill. has a handout that defines optimism, distinguishes it from pessimism, and suggests six steps to develop realistic optimism.
Gratitude [PDF] also has a handout on understanding gratitude—another resilience skill. They suggest tips for how to develop and foster gratitude.
Reframe your “thinking traps” for peak performance
Interpreting things for the worse can really hold you back. Learn how to limit this habit so you can achieve optimum performance. This Performance Strategy details common mind traps and suggests three steps for reframing them into positive, helpful thinking.
Talk Yourself Into Peak Performance [PDF]
This downloadable card by HPRC provides a convenient, shorter version of the Performance Strategy above.
Optimize performance through self-talk
Talking to yourself while performing a task may actually help more than you think.
Activities for Balancing the Mind [PDF] offers ideas for activities to help balance the mind, including meditation, mindfulness, journaling, getting organized, connecting with people, yoga, positive self-talk, and tips for being an assertive communicator.
Change Your Mind for Peak Performance [PDF]
Check out this downloadable card by HPRC for a convenient, shorter version of the Performance Strategy above.
Get SMART about setting goals
Want to train smarter? Learn this structured process for setting goals in a way that will help you reach them.
How PTSD affects your brain’s circuitry
PTSD affects the “circuitry” of the brain. Learn how PTSD-affected brains confuse threat and safety.