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Mind-Body Apps, Tools, and Videos

You can use these tools, apps, and videos to practice different mind-body skills.

Breathing Exercises for Optimized Performance
HPRC's instructional video demonstrates three breathing strategies for human performance optimization: Deep Breathing, Alternate Nostril Breathing, and Fast-Paced Breathing. A longer version is also available to practice along with the instructor.
Meditation & Mindfulness [MP3]
Mindfulness meditation helps you focus on what is happening in the present. The Naval Medical Center San Diego’s Mind-Body Medicine page offers this audio file for relaxation meditation. The idea is that you can gain a better understanding of your body, your thoughts, and your surroundings as a way to accept the world. The payoffs can be improved well-being, attention, memory, mood, and relaxation.
Walking down the Stairs [Video]
Loyola University created this video using imagery of walking down stairs as an example of a guided imagery practice.
Autogenic Training [MP3]
Skin temperature in your hands and feet cools under stress because of reduced blood flow. Learn the mind-body technique “autogenic training” in this MP by HPRC.