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Ready to Go For Green®?

Go for Green® is a food identification system designed to help you find foods to improve your performance. The color codes—Green (Go), Yellow (Caution), and Red (Stop)—can help you choose the foods that fuel your body and brain best.

What is Green?

What you eat matters, especially if you want to perform your best. Go for Green® (G4G) is a DoD program that helps service members choose nutritious foods and beverages to optimize performance, readiness, and health. Learn more about how G4G can help you improve your well-being.

G4G Food Card Parts JPG

G4G Food Card Parts [PDF]

Go for Green® uses a stoplight system to label foods and beverages as Green, Yellow, or Red. G4G dining facilities display Food Cards that identify the nutrition quality (Green, Yellow, or Red) and sodium content (Low, Moderate, or High) of foods and drinks.

G4G GYR Table Thumbnail

G4G Color Table

Viewing the Green, Yellow, or Red Food Cards shows you which foods are healthy or harmful. Green-coded foods, for example, are highly nutritious. Fuel up on Green-coded foods to maintain peak performance.

G4G Guide Foods [JPG]

The G4G Guide can help you choose high-performance foods anywhere.

Full G4G Guide [PDF]

G4G Guide Food/Beverages [PDF]

G4G Guide Sodium [PDF]

Choose Green Anywhere

Beyond The Dining Facility

Go for Green® goes beyond military dining facilities. Use the G4G guidelines when shopping for groceries, dining out, and cooking at home. The G4G Guide offers helpful suggestions for choosing nutritious, delicious meals and snacks.


Do you look at the thousands of food options at your local commissary and find you’re unsure of what to choose? Go for Green® can help you and your family! Follow the same G4G guidelines used in military dining facilities—and choose nutritious meals for better health and performance.

Use the G4G Guide to fill your cart with more “Green” items.

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