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Guides and Publications

How to eat for peak performance.

Guides and Publications

Dietary Supplements and Military Divers: A Synopsis for Undersea Medical Officers [PDF]

Force Health Protection: Nutrition and Exercise Resource Manual [PDF]

Looking for the Edge - Dietary Supplements [PDF]

Nutrition for Health and Performance, 2001
This technical note from the United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (USARIEM) provides nutritional guidance for military operations in temperate and extreme environments.

Peak PerformancePeak Performance through Nutrition and Exercise
A comprehensive resource specifically tailored to address the unique physical fitness and nutrition requirements of Navy personnel.

Warfighter Nutrition Guide [PDF] Warfighter Nutrition Guide

This guide covers the spectrum of nutritional needs of the warfighter so performance under the most rigorous conditions is optimized. Despite differences across military commands, this guide is designed to provide the warfighter with scientific-based and effective nutritional strategies to optimize performance during operations and preserve health.

Chapter 1- The Warrior Athlete
Chapter 2- Balancing the Energy Tank
Chapter 3- Fueling the Human Weapon
Chapter 4- High Performance Catalysts
Chapter 5- Nutrient Timing and Training
Chapter 6- Optimal Choices for Home Cho
Chapter 7- Optimal Choices for Eating Out
Chapter 8- Healthy Snacking
Chapter 9- Secrets to Keeping Lean as a Fighting Machine Chapter 10- Bulking Up
Chapter 11- Looking for the Edge- Dietary Supplements Chapter 12- Enemy Agents
Chapter 13- Combat Rations Chapter 14- Eating Globally
Chapter 15- Mission Nutrition for Combat Effectiveness Chapter 16- Returning to Home Base
Chapter 17- The High Mileage Warrior Athlete Chapter 18- Sustaining Health for the Long-Term Warfighter

Warfighter Nutrition Guide [PDF/Excel]

These PDF and Excel presentations cover a spectrum of nutritional needs of the Warfighter and should assist in making better choices for optimal performance.

Balancing the Energy Tank Breakdown of Calories
Bulking Up Calculating Daily CHO Needs
Calculating Protein Needs [coming soon] CHO Needs Before & After
Coming Home Dehydration
Dietary Supplements Eating Globally
Enemy Agents Estimate Total EE
Fluid Replacement Fueling the Human Weapon
Healthy Living High Mileage
Lean Fighting Machine Mission Nutrition [PDF]
Mission Nutrition [XLS]
Nutrient Timing
Resting Energy Expenditure Sleepiness Scale
Training Distress Scale Protein Test: How much do you know? [XLS]