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Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and botanicals. Making an informed decision to use dietary supplements for performance and health optimization can be difficult and could result in adverse health effects. This section provides evidence-based information including databases, resources, and alerts to help you make safe decisions regarding supplement use.
Supplement Alerts
Alerts on dietary supplements to keep you informed on recalls, market withdrawals, and safety alerts.
Report an Adverse Event
Collection of searchable databases.
Resources on dietary supplements to help you make informed decisions.
Classification System
Classification of dietary supplements according to their effectiveness on human performance.
Education Modules
Training resources to provide fundamental knowledge on dietary supplements.
Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
Many warfighters use supplements to improve their health and performance, but getting good information isn't always easy. Check out resources from our partners at the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database
Policies, Standards, and Reports