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Family relationships and an individual’s larger, social environment are important aspects of individual health and performance. Individuals with happy, supportive, and solid relationships are more likely to be in good health, have low stress levels, and experience greater well-being.
Basic Family Skills: Communication and Listening
Family relationships are rooted in interactions. This section focuses on important communication and listening skills as necessary components for peak relationship performance.
Military Family Skills
It is well known that the military family deals with unique challenges and therefore requires special skill sets. This section provides some tips, articles, and handouts on family performance optimization grouped by distinct phase of deployment: pre-deployment, deployment, mid-deployment, and post-return.
Overall Family Optimization Skills
Relationships have the power to be positive or negative forces in our lives – depending on the quality of the relationship. This page details key areas of couples and family functioning that a one can use in order to create more positive and supportive relationships, and consequently optimize one’s health.
Family Matters
The latest developments in keeping the family strong and bolstering your social safety net.
Fostering Family Resilience: Assessments & Online Workshops
Family relationships can contribute to an individual’s ability to rebound quickly from stress. This webpage identifies online assessments and workshops that identify factors that both diminish and build resilience: mental strategies, relationship satisfaction, parenting, social support, and an individual’s beliefs and behaviors.