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Rapid deployment into locations of severe or extreme environmental conditions may result in adverse physiological and psychological conditions for soldiers and other military personnel. Military personnel, particularly medical officers, should be prepared with adequate knowledge of extreme environmental conditions for the early detection and treatment of physical and psychological illnesses.
Heat injuries are a cause of both illness and fatalities. This section provides valuable information on policies, reports and guidelines for surviving and performing in hot environments.
Cold injuries have played a major role in the loss of combat efficiency, and fatalities from cold exposure occur in almost all types of military operations. This section provides awareness of symptoms and management of cold injury.
High Altitude
Low oxygen levels, variations in partial pressure, and changes in lung capacity are stress factors associated with high altitude. This section provides information and awareness on policies, reports and guidelines for performing well in high altitude.
Below Sea Level (Depth)
All services in the Department of Defense have personnel actively involved in diving operations. This section will address the issues of how to approach, manage and prevent diving illness and injuries.
Military aviation officers not only have to pilot helicopters and aircrafts, but also have to perform key duties such as flight operations, navigations, and air traffic control. This section provides useful information regarding various aviation manuals, training programs, and educational links across all branches of the military.