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HPRC Articles

Are antigravity treadmills effective for injury rehabilitation?
Antigravity treadmills, costly exercise equipment that supports the exerciser's body weight, may not provide benefit.
Overtraining—what happens when you do too much
Overtraining syndrome (OTS) is what can occur if you push your training regime too far. Signs of OTS are chronic fatigue and declining performance despite continued training. Recuperation can take weeks or even months.
Stretching during warm-up
Physical exercise and training are major sources of injuries among warriors, so finding ways to reduce the risk of such injuries is important. One method often used with injury prevention in mind is pre-exercise stretching, but does it really work?
Preventing non-combat injuries is a must!
Vast numbers of Warfighters remain non-deployable after being sent home early with non-combat orthopedic injuries. Commanders and researchers in the military are exploring preventive measures.
ACSM Basic Injury Prevention Concepts
This American College of Sports Medicine article offers basic tips on injury prevention.
ACSM Injury Prevention Fact Sheets
The American College of Sports Medicine offers fact sheets with information on topics ranging from tennis elbow to exercise-induced leg pain.
Preventing common injuries
For a quick reference, check out our collection of injury-prevention techniques for common military injuries.
Injury Prevention Strategies: Four tips for strong knees
The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an important knee stabilizer. You can take steps to help avoid tearing it and damaging your knee.
Injury Prevention Strategies: Avoid back pain
Herniated discs and muscle strains of the back can be a source of chronic pain. What can you do to prevent this from happening to your back?
Injury Prevention Strategies: Ankle sprains
Most ankle sprains happen on the outside of the ankle. Why is this the case and how can you keep your ankles healthy?
Injury Prevention Strategies: A lot rests on your shoulders
Whether you are lifting and moving heavy artillery or picking up your child, your shoulders have to be in shape to withstand the stress. Read on for some tips on shoulder injury prevention.
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Have you ever felt great after a hard workout, only to find yourself very sore a day or two later? Learn more about the good and bad kinds of soreness after a workout.