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Questions from the Field

Articles researched and written by HPRC on topics you asked about.

Exercise imgThese articles are researched and written by HPRC staff to answer your questions about training and fitness.

Minimalist running shoes revisited
Are barefoot-style/minimalist running shoes effective and safe?
The future of body armor
Carrying heavy loads, notably body armor and equipment, is taking a toll on Warfighters. A recent report examines the issues related to reducing body armor weight while preserving safety.
Preventing non-combat injuries is a must!
Vast numbers of Warfighters remain non-deployable after being sent home early with non-combat orthopedic injuries. Commanders and researchers in the military are exploring preventive measures.
What IS "heat illness"?
Heat illness can vary from minor symptoms to life threatening conditions. Know the progression of signs and symptoms to prevent serious injury when exercising or performing in hot environments.
Tobacco in the military: be a quitter!
Tobacco use in the military is significantly higher than in the general public, and its impact on health is just as severe. Service members who use tobacco are short on physical readiness.
Stretching during warm-up
Physical exercise and training are major sources of injuries among warriors, so finding ways to reduce the risk of such injuries is important. One method often used with injury prevention in mind is pre-exercise stretching, but does it really work?
Are high-intensity training programs safe and effective?
Overtraining—what happens when you do too much
Overtraining syndrome (OTS) is what can occur if you push your training regime too far. Signs of OTS are chronic fatigue and declining performance despite continued training. Recuperation can take weeks or even months.
Methods Of Suppressing Menstrual Cycle
Is there a way to postpone my period?
Running for fitness
Running is great form of aerobic exercise that, if done properly, is a safe and inexpensive means of training. However, each individual is different, so it’s important to create a tailored training program with a clear goal in mind to prevent injuries. Following basic guidelines can reduce your risk of injury and improve your fitness.
Is there a way to control excessive head sweating?
Is there a way to control excessive head sweating?
Does quercetin improve endurance performance?
Can quercetin—one of the most abundant flavonoids—affect endurance?
What is the appropriate use of creatine by Warfighters?
Creatine is a dietary compound that may help improve muscle mass if used properly in conjunction with proper training.
How can heat acclimatization prevent heat illness?
Heat-related injuries are significant threats to the health and operational effectiveness of military members and their units.
Are antigravity treadmills effective for injury rehabilitation?
Antigravity treadmills, costly exercise equipment that supports the exerciser's body weight, may not provide benefit.
What is Functional Movement Screen?
A look at a new injury-risk assessment screen—Functional Movement Screen.
Is P90X safe and effective?
Is CrossFit an effective training program for Warfighters?