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Questions from the Field

Articles researched and written by HPRC on topics you asked about.

Meat imgThese articles are researched and written by HPRC to answer questions on popular or potentially confusing issues related to nutrition.

Eating Disorders: Know the symptoms and risks
Eating disorders can pose many dangers for the Warfighter. Learn how to spot the signs, symptoms, and risks associated with these complex conditions.
Vegetarian diets—the basics
A well-planned vegetarian diet can meet all your nutritional needs, if you take care not to fall short on a few key nutrients. You do need to take special care to ensure you don’t fall short on a few key nutrients.
Omega-3 fatty acids in food
Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in a wide variety of food sources.
Iron deficiency
Not having enough iron in one's blood can stem from one of three main reasons.
How should I fuel up on CHO before a workout?
Is it better to eat carbs the night before a workout or in the morning?
Whey Protein
Is there a place for whey protein in human performance optimization?
Staying hydrated during exercise
Staying hydrated is crucial for optimal performance. But how much should you drink, and when?