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Fitness Tools

Use these apps and other tools to stay on track with your fitness goals.
Physical Activity Calorie Calculator
This is an easy-to use-calculator to determine the number of calories you burn when performing physical activity. Simply choose from the drop-down list to see what you are expending during your workouts!
Body Mass Index Calculator
Plug in your height and weight and let this calculator figure out what your BMI is, and help keep you on track for health.
Use this online, interactive set of tools from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate program to help track your physical activity and diet habits to keep you on track to your health and wellness goals.
Healthy Living Tools
Use this tool from the American Council on Exercise to find your target heart rate when doing aerobic exercise. Your heart rate is an important measure of exercise intensity. Note: If you are not in shape, are taking medication, or have a health condition, always check with your healthcare provider before applying the target heart rate range in your workouts.
Performance Triad App
Check out the new Performance Triad app to get the latest information on how to improve your sleep, physical activity and nutrition behaviors. The app is available for the iPhone, Android and Windows phones.
A Football Fan’s Guide to Food and Fitness [PDF]
Keep your head in the game! Check out these healthy food and fitness tips to stay in shape during football season.
Running Form Infographic
Proper running form can reduce your risk for injury and improve performance.
Fitness Tracker Comparison Chart
Compare popular brands of fitness trackers. Which one is best for you?