USAPHC Pregnancy/Postpartum Physical Training Program
This Implementation Guide contains valuable, scientifically based recommendations on physical training for pregnant and postpartum soldiers. Also included are Army regulations related to this training program.
"What Army Leaders Should Know about Extreme Conditioning Programs”
In this Public Health Notice, the U.S. Army Public Health Command addresses the risks, benefits, and recommendations for high-intensity, high-volume exercise programs.
The Army Ranger Program (RAW)
The Army Ranger Program has comprehensive training documents for their Functional Fitness training program called RAW 4.0. RAW is created for elite athletes and has four components: physical training, nutrition, mental toughness and prevention and management of injuries. The RAW PT manual v4.0 discusses movement prep, recovery, strength training, power training, endurance training, running form, principles of movement skills and speed and agility. See the following for their Functional Fitness and RAW program documents from the 75th Ranger Regiment.
Army Physical Readiness Division (PRD)
The Physical Readiness Division (PRD) develops tactics and techniques related to the Army Physical Readiness Training (PRT) and Testing. PRD provides expertise to unit commanders and Soldiers through lessons, slides, videos, and training guides. Specific resources for the PRT include exercise videos, leadership tools, and environment guidelines.
Army Physical Readiness Training
The FM 7-22 training program circular is now available in EPUB and MOBI versions for most e-Readers.
Army Master Fitness Trainer Course
The Master Fitness Trainer Course (MFTC) is designed to train Commissioned and Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs) in all aspects of the Army Physical Readiness Training System so that they may eventually become unit advisors and monitor individual physical readiness programs.
Army PRT [App]
This app provides sample training schedules, body composition calculators and other tools in accordance with Army doctrine FM 7-22 and the Army Physical Readiness Training System.
Army Physical Readiness Training, Aug 2010 [Video]
These videos will help you implement the Army PRT from TC 3-22.20.