Marine Corps

USMC Fitness Readiness Guide
This new (2013) USMC website provides videos and explanations of exercises from their HITT Program. You can create an individualized program using their templates and even include other training events (Water Survival or Commander's Choice, for example) in your program.
Marine HITT Program
The Marine Corps High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) program is designed to enhance operational fitness as well as combat readiness and resiliency.
Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program, August 2008
MCO 6100.13 provides policy and procedural guidance for implementation of the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Program (MCPFP).
Semper Fit Sports Health Promotion and Fitness Programs
The Marine Corps provides information on health promotion programs, including physical activity, nutrition, and weight management.
Fleet and Marine Corps Health Risk Assessment
Take this anonymous self-assessment to evaluate your personal health. Log-in information is required.
Explosive Performance on the Ammo Can Lift
The Marine’s Combat Fitness Test can be grueling, and the “ammo can lift” might make or break your CFT score.