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Service-Specific Resources

Each branch of the military has resources and guidelines for pregnant service members.


Army Regulation 40-501: Standards of Medical Fitness
Read about activities pregnant soldiers may or may not perform, as well as pregnancy and post-partum profiles.

Pregnancy/Post Partum Physical Training Program
This fact sheet outlines the importance of a physical training program for pregnant women as well as the Army regulations that impact this program.

Women’s Health Portal - Pregnancy
On this AMEDD web page, you can read about a variety of topics related to pregnancy, including breastfeeding, nutrition, physical training, and recovering from childbirth.

The Army Weight Control Program
AR 600-9 includes maximum percent body fat standards for soldiers by age group during pregnancy.


Navy Guidelines Concerning Pregnancy and Parenthood
OPNAVINST 6000.1C is the Navy’s guide to management of pregnant servicewomen.

Suspension of Diving Duty During Pregnancy
BUMED Instruction 6200.15 details the rules against diving while pregnant.

Air Force

Medical Care Management
Refer to AFI44-102 for guidance on health issues for pregnant women as well as general health management guidelines for women.

Pregnancy A to Z
The Center of Excellence for Medical Multimedia provides a comprehensive website for expecting families. Included are 3-D animations, information on diet exercise, preplanning, sleep and relaxation, and much more!

Marine Corps

Marine Corps Policy Concerning Pregnancy and Parenthood
Refer to MCO 5000.123 W/CH 1-2 on pregnancy and parenthood.

Coast Guard

Pregnancy in the Coast Guard
COMDTINST 1000.9 details the Coast Guard’s policy on pregnant service members.

DoD & Health Affairs

Department of Defense Policy on Health Maintenance Care for Women
HA Policy 93-002 establishes the DoD policy on health for women (i.e., annual exams, mammography, and gynecologic services).

Policy for Promoting the Routine Use of a Folic Acid (Vitamin) Supplement as Part of the Military Health Systems (MHS) Prevention Program
HA Policy 98-012 outlines DoD policy encouraging the use of folic acid by women prior to pregnancy.

Statutory Revision to DoD Policy Regarding Prepaid Abortions in Military Hospitals
HA Policy 96-030 is a revision to DoD policy regarding prepaid abortions in military hospitals.