The four essential "steps" of training.

"OSOK Solo" presents a step-by-step adaptation of the OSOK training program that will help you pursue OSOK Total Fitness on your own. We will guide you through four essential “steps” of training:

  • #1: 10 Rules of Engagement – Guiding principles to keep in mind throughout the OSOK training procedure.

  • #2: Self-Assessment – Determine what skills you already have in place, and use this assessment to create your personal plan for “module mastery,” which will enable you to achieve your target skill set.

  • #3: The Seven Modules – Each module is a focused package of training methods that, taken together, enhance the skills you identified in the self-assessment step to achieve Total Fitness at the elite warrior level. As you work through these, you must apply the 10 Rules of Engagement to accomplish the desired results.

  • #4: Putting It All Together – This is where you will assemble all the training and skills you gained from the Seven Modules and the 10 Rules of Engagement and put them to the test. After reviewing what you think you have achieved, you will take your new skill set through a trial run with Fundamental Marksmanship Skills to see if you really can achieve “One Shot One Kill." A full version of the OSOK Solo Handbook, with text not provided elsewhere, is also available here.

      As you go through this training program, we will provide you with materials you can use to assemble your own OSOK Handbook, which will become your guide each time you come back to the OSOK program for a refresher course. As we obtain feedback from users like you, acquire new materials from the various Uniformed Services, and become aware of latest evidence-based findings, we will revise and update the HPRC to help you continually enhance your elite warrior skills.

      If you would like to pursue OSOK training beyond this Solo program, we suggest you visit the OSOK-IP Unit section of the OSOK-IP program, where PowerPoint presentations and additional PDF files can be found. You can also learn how to provide OSOK training to others in your unit.


      Lone SoldierAs you work through these web pages and the training related to each page, we provide you with the pertinent section of the OSOK Handbook, which contains specific information and instructions on how to step through the OSOK training program. Before you go any further, click here to obtain the first—introductory—section of the Handbook, and then read it before proceeding to the next step. It contains information that you will need to understand what follows. (Note: These files are in PDF format.)

      #1: 10 Rules Of Engagement

      Guiding principles to keep in mind throughout the OSOK training procedure.

      The 10 Rules of Engagement (ROEs) were created to assist the warrior athlete in his or her quest to reach the optimal level of performance. It is very important for warriors to first review these ROEs as they develop and implement their own plan to ensure lasting success. The rules listed here are explained in full in the 10 Rules section provided for your Handbook.

      Rule #1: “Figure out where you’re at before you start”

      Rule #2: “Don’t let your environment control you…take ownership”

      Rule #3: “If it doesn’t work, stop doing it”

      Rule #4: “Start small, go slowly, and be patient”

      Rule #5: “Practice, practice, practice”

      Rule #6: “Set up an environment that supports your new plan”

      Rule #7: “Bring in the experts and educate yourself”

      Rule #8: “Don’t get caught off guard…have a game plan”

      Rule #9: “Write it down and review it daily”

      Rule #10: “Be vigilant. Once you got it, don’t lose it”

      #2: On Target

      Use this self-assessment to create your personal plan for "module mastery."

      OSOK Module Mastery graphicThis page provides links for you to download self-assessment—or Module Mastery—tools for you to use after you complete each module. The purpose of these tools is to increase your awareness of those weakened systems in the performance package that may be contributing to a decrease in your performance and resilience. As all elite performers know, self-evaluation is crucial to any performance program.  The self-evaluations for the OSOK program are in this portion of the student manual. You will rate yourself on a scale from 0 (non-mastery) to 10 (mastery) and review the performance package diagram to identify areas to focus your resources.

      Although you won’t need these forms until you complete each module, we suggest that you download them and add them to your OSOK Handbook to have on hand when you are ready for them. Click here for the downloadable Module Mastery Assessment PDF document.

      #3: The Seven Modules

      Each module is a focused package that, taken together, leads to Total Fitness at the elite warrior level.

      Xray-EKG photoControlled Response (CR)
      The Controlled Response Module assists you in modulating your body’s fight/flight response system, enabling you to maximize your internal resources when needed to accomplish greater physical feats. The section of the OSOK Handbookprovided here introduces a variety of mind/body strategies for you to practice. Click here for the downloadable module on Controlled Response (PDF).

      Brain-mind photoMind Tactics (MT)
      In the Mind Tactics Module, you examine the power of the mind through mental strategies. It teaches skills used by professional athletes and the warrior elite that enable you to reach your optimal level of performance on and off the battlefield. Click here for the downloadable module on Mind Tactics (PDF).

      Man with salad photoPerformance-Based Nutrition (PN)
      The Performance-Based Nutrition Module examines the nutritional needs of the Warfighter in combat. Developed in collaboration with USUHS, the information assists you in maintaining a high level of performance through nutrition plans used by elite military units and athletes. Click here for the downloadable module on Performance-Based Nutrition (PDF).

      OSOK Primal Fitness photo

      Primal Fitness
      The Primal Fitness Module teaches you how to maintain your optimal fitness level in and out of the combat environment. Inspired by high-intensity fitness principles, specific emphasis is placed on (1) the importance of functional fitness maintained without the need for facilities and (2) the role of fitness in injury prevention. Click here for the downloadable module on Primal Fitness (PDF).

      Men linked arms photo

      The Purpose Module reminds you of the external factors that you can draw strength from in difficult times (e.g. core values, spirituality, country, fellow Warfighters, etc.). Encouraging a commitment to something greater than yourself in the face of adversity, the Purpose Module is intended to be a primer of courage that will enable you to perform heroic feats in the face of overwhelming odds. Click here for the downloadable module on Purpose (PDF).

      Code photoCode
      The Code Module reminds you “who we are” by examining your unit’s value-based system and supporting your unit’s cultural framework.  The Code is a system that lays the foundation for your unique way of life and acts as a compass to guide your morality, ethics, and everyday decision-making.  A system can only exist through and within the support of its cultural framework.  As a result, the importance and maintenance of the warrior cultural framework are emphasized.  Concepts of Bushido, the Samurai Warrior, and the Spartans will complement existing material. THIS MODULE IS CURRENTLY UNDER DEVELOPMENT. Once it is revised, we will make it available to you.

      Sleeping manRecharge
      The Recharge Module targets disrupted sleep patterns associated with the combat environment and increased operations tempo. Focus is on empowering you to improve your sleep patterns through education and alteration of common disruptive behaviors while emphasizing healthy habits and avoiding the use of medication. Click here for the downloadable module on Recharge (PDF).

      #4: Putting It All Together

      Assemble all the training and skills you gained and put them to the test.

      Now it’s time to put all Seven Modules and the ROEs together to see what they have helped you accomplish. First, use fresh copies of the On Target self-assessment forms and fill them out again. All your “shots” should now be “in the black”—or getting closer. Remember, integration takes practice and constant vigilance. As with all elite performers, it may take you a while to master optimal integration. Practice and commit yourself every day to making yourself better.

      The Fundamental Marksmanship Skills you learned in boot camp can be used effectively to enhance your performance and resilience in many other parts of your life. OSOK uses marksmanship as an experiential activity—central to WF success—to demonstrate how to utilize the skills you’ve learned in each module in an integrated way. These skills can assist you in reaching your personal and professional goals. The Fundamental Marksmanship Skills (FM) portion of OSOK is best practiced in a group format, so this portion of OSOK is included in the OSOK Unit section of our website. If you wish, you can download a PDF of the slides here.

        The complete version of the OSOK Solo Handbook contains much more information, including background and guidelines on how to put all the material together into your own Total Force Fitness package. Click here to download the complete Handbook.