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Interactive Resources

This section provides links to questionnaires, assessments, and other tools you can use to monitor and help manage your pain. Some may be helpful to track your pain over time and/or give to your healthcare providers. Others offer information and support.

Questionnaires and other downloadables

Dallas Pain Questionnaire [PDF]
The Dallas Pain Questionnaire can help you provide information to your healthcare providers. It asks questions about how chronic pain affects your daily life physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS) and Supplemental Questions [PDF]
The DVPRS was designed by pain specialists and active-duty Warfighters. When used with the supplemental questions, it is a user-friendly tool that also looks at the social experience of pain.

Pain Diary [PDF]
The American Cancer Society provides this pain diary to help you track your pain.

West Haven-Yale Multidimensional Pain Inventory (WHYMPI/MPI)
The WHYMPI/MPI is another commonly used measure of various features of pain that also looks at the social aspects associated with experiencing pain.

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Pain Numeric Rating Scale [PDF]
The VHA's Pain Numeric Rating Scale is a simple, easy-to-use pain questionnaire that asks about current and previous-week pain experience to help you track your pain over time.


Tactical Breather [App]
This free mobile app from the National Center for Telehealth & Technology can help train you to manage your mental and physical stress responses, including heart rate, emotions, and concentration.

Breathe2Relax [App]
Breathe2Relax is a free mobile app from the National Center for Telehealth & Technology that helps you practice deep (diaphragmatic) breathing to relax and manage stress. With the help of the latest graphics and narration, you can learn to regulate your breathing effectively to control your stress response.

BioZen [App]
This free mobile app from the National Center for Telehealth & Technology provides you with live, graphic biofeedback so you can see how your body responds to a variety of behaviors in real time. This application is compatible with a number of biosensors, which are necessary to transmit biofeedback.

Life Armor App [App]
LifeArmor is another free app created by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology for Warfighters and family members that allows you to explore 17 topics, such as sleep, relationship issues, and PTSD. It then helps you measure and track your symptoms and suggests tools and resources to help.

T2 Mood Tracker [App]
Track your emotions over days to months using your mobile phone with this free app from the National Center for Telehealth & Technology. Knowing what you are feeling and experiencing is a good way to monitor symptoms and manage your pain.


Acupuncture in the Military [Video]
The DoD has expanded its use of acupuncture as a technique to manage pain, as discussed in this DoD Live video.

Understanding Pain & what to do about it in less than 5 minutes [Video]
Watch this Joint Pain Education Project video from the Department of Defense and Veterans Health Administration to learn more about chronic pain management.