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Check out the tabs below for tools, programs, and reports on pain management from the DoD and other governmental and non-governmental sources.


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DoD & Multi-service

The Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management
The Defense & Veterans Center for Integrative Pain Management (DVCIPM) seeks to improve military and civilian pain management. DVCIPM is a collaborative research partnership between the Air Force, Army, Navy, and VHA.

Pain Management Task Force Final Report
DVCIPM released this report in 2010, which outlines the DoD and VHA strategies for managing pain for active-duty service members and veterans.

VHA's Chronic Pain Primer
The VHA put together this overview of chronic pain and treatments.

DoD Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities in the Military Health System
This Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI 6000.14) spells out what Military Health System patients can expect in the way of treatment and other aspects of health care.

VHA Pain Management
The VHA offers a comprehensive website about the types of pain management techniques used within the VHA system. They include a section with resources for post-deployment pain, as well as the VHA patient's rights and responsibilities.


The U.S. Army Pain Management Campaign
This document discusses what the Army Medical Command does to address pain and the U.S. Army Pain Management Campaign’s top initiatives.

U.S. Army MEDCOM Pain Management Initiative: Task Force Overview, Findings, & Recommendations
These slides provide an overview of the U.S. Army Pain Management Campaign and outline the U.S. Army Pain Management Task Force processes, findings, and recommendations.

Army rethinks 'no pain, no gain'
The William Beaumont Army Medical Center has an Integrated Pain Management Center that aims to integrate treatments such as chiropractic care into standard pain management.

Navy & Marine Corps

Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center: Pain Management
The Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center has put together a list of resources about pain management for individuals, family members, and providers.

Chronic Pain Management to Benefit the Beneficiary
This Navy News Service article describes the Navy Comprehensive Pain Management Program’s approach to chronic pain treatments for Warfighters, veterans, and their beneficiaries.

Other Government Pain Management is a website sponsored by the National Health Information Center. It has information about pain, pain treatments, and where to find pain management specialists.

Chronic Pain and CAM: At a Glance
The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) has compiled information about complementary and alternative pain management strategies such as yoga, meditation, and relaxation on its website.

Pain: Hope Through Research
This National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke web page outlines the history, types, and treatments of chronic pain.

MedlinePlus: Pain
The National Institutes of Health’s MedlinePlus website provides an overview and information about pain. It also provides access to research findings, options to take part in clinical studies about pain, and treatment options.

Organizations and Associations

American Academy of Pain Management Patient Information
The American Academy of Pain Management advances the field of pain management by providing evidence-based education. This section of their website has information and resources for patients, including a tool to find pain specialists in your area.

American Academy of Pain Medicine Patient Center
The American Academy of Pain Medicine is a society for physicians who specialize in the treatment of pain. Their website includes this section with information for people with pain.

American Cancer Society: Pain Control
The American Cancer Society provides this tutorial on pain treatments.

American Chronic Pain Association
The American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) has information for the public about various types of pain as well as treatment options and pain management for everyone.

Veterans in Pain
ACPA has a separate website especially for military veterans with pain.

International Association for the Study of Pain
IASP brings together scientists, clinicians, healthcare providers, and policy makers to encourage and support the study of pain. They also translate knowledge into improved pain relief worldwide. They also provide information for patients, including a list of Patient Resources.