HPRC's human performance optimization (HPO) website is for U.S. Warfighters, their families, and those in the field of HPO who support them. The goal is Total Force Fitness: Warfighters optimized to carry out their mission as safely and effectively as possible.

Physical Fitness
Money is a strong motivator, but can it help you exercise more?
Learn how to take care of your teeth, gums, and mouth during deployment.
Oatmeal is a heart-healthy food that can be enjoyed any time of day. Try these deliciously easy recipes.
Dietary Supplements
What is raspberry ketone, and does it help with weight loss?
Family & Relationships
What can parents do to help kids who are afraid of going to the dentist?
Mind Body
Learn how creating healthy team environments can foster performance, well-being, and morale.
Total Force Fitness
When performed by a licensed massage therapist, massages can help reduce your back pain. Learn more.

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