HPRC's human performance optimization (HPO) website is for U.S. Warfighters, their families, and those in the field of HPO who support them. The goal is Total Force Fitness: Warfighters optimized to carry out their mission as safely and effectively as possible.

Physical Fitness
Learn how to boost your cardiovascular fitness before your next PFT/PRT.
Your sense of smell causes a variety of emotional responses. Can certain smells help you feel better?
Don’t let germs spoil your summer get-togethers. Try these tips to help keep your outdoor meals safe.
Dietary Supplements
Family & Relationships
Intimacy is essential to your healthy romantic relationship. Learn how to connect with your partner.
Mind Body
This Memorial Day, take a mindful moment to remember those who have served honorably and made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.
Total Force Fitness
Learn how sympathetic nerve blocks can help provide relief from chronic pain.

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