HPRC's human performance optimization (HPO) website is for U.S. Warfighters, their families, and those in the field of HPO who support them. The goal is Total Force Fitness: Warfighters optimized to carry out their mission as safely and effectively as possible.

Physical Fitness
How important are high-intensity workouts?
Optimize your family meeting time by creating a positive space to share thoughts, feelings, and concerns.
Learn what you need to equip your kitchen for everyday cooking.
Dietary Supplements
Family & Relationships
A new HPRC video offers insights from Giants (and former Red Sox) baseball team’s performance psychology coach Bob Tewksbury on how military families can prepare for deployments.
Mind Body
Learn how to prevent traumatic brain injury (TBI) by implementing safety precautions.
Total Force Fitness
Sleep is a basic building block of health. Learn how not getting enough sleep is likely to compromise performance optimization and impede your total fitness.

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