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Families & Deployment

Deployment is a time of extra stress and adjustment for your family. Planning ahead and knowing what to expect can help your family navigate through this time apart. This section has information on how to optimize family relationships before, during, and after deployment—for families, couples, parents, children, and yourself.

"Family readiness is imperative for service member readiness; therefore the emotional well-being and mental health of service members are linked to those of their families. Family well-being affects a service member's entire career from recruitment to retention to retirement." –The National Military Family Association (NMFA), 2006

These resources will help families, couples, parents, and children optimize family relationships before deployment.
This section has information on to optimize family relationships during deployment—for families, couples, parents, children, and yourself.
Returning Home/Reintegration
It’s essential to optimize family relationships after deployment when Warfighters return home and need to reintegrate into the family.
Deployment sometimes leads to outcomes that need extra support. These resources can help families and significant others cope with serious, persistent problems.