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Mind-Body Apps, Tools, and Videos

You can use these tools, apps, and videos to practice different mind-body skills.

Introduction to Paced Breathing [MP3]
Optimally paced breathing makes your heart rate more variable, which allows you to feel calmer and more alert in the face of stress. This MP3 will start guiding you through better-timed breaths.
Paced Breathing Music [MP3]
As described in our “Introduction to Paced Breathing” recording, inhaling for about four seconds and exhaling for about six seconds is in the “ballpark” of an optimal breathing pace for most people. This recording is six minutes of breathing music only.
Breathing Exercises for Optimized Performance
HPRC's instructional video demonstrates three breathing strategies for human performance optimization: Deep Breathing, Alternate Nostril Breathing, and Fast-Paced Breathing. A longer version is also available to practice along with the instructor.
Meditation & Mindfulness [MP3]
Mindfulness meditation helps you focus on what is happening in the present. The Naval Medical Center San Diego’s Mind-Body Medicine page offers this audio file for relaxation meditation. The idea is that you can gain a better understanding of your body, your thoughts, and your surroundings as a way to accept the world. The payoffs can be improved well-being, attention, memory, mood, and relaxation.
Autogenic Training [MP3]
Skin temperature in your hands and feet cools under stress because of reduced blood flow. Learn the mind-body technique “autogenic training” in this MP3 by HPRC.
Walking down the Stairs [Video]
Loyola University created this video using imagery of walking down stairs as an example of a guided imagery practice.
Mindful Drinking and Eating [MP3]
Mindfulness is a skill that you can direct towards everyday activities like eating and drinking. Learn more in HPRC’s article and recorded applied exercise.
Forgiveness Meditation [MP3]
Situations between partners can sometimes become heated. Follow the steps in this guided meditation and be on your way to optimizing your marriage.